Stones Immortal

There is a certain quiet peace in this valley
Sounds all are muffled by stones
Each has a name engraved on it
A name that proclaims who is gone

The dates, they mean very little
What difference when you pass through
The name is all that matters
The stone is a marker for you

They lived, they walked their journey
They bloomed for a season or two
They withered away like the grass does
When starved from rain drops or dew

But the stones, they can stand forever
Immortal, they know no decline
The body decays back to dust there
Corrupted by the passage of time

Oh, that the name could return now
To the body it once called a home
And walk on the earth flesh and blood
And never be engraved in the stone

Would they choose to leave that deep slumber
That unexplained region beyond
To travel again as a mortal
And remove their name from the stone

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