The words you'll never say to me
Keep ringing in my ears.
Competing with a memory
Keeps bringing me to tears.
I'll never be the one you love
Why hang around and try?
Why cry myself to sleep at night
Longing to feel your touch?
When your arms are around me
I'm not the one you hold.
Your clinging to a memory
That's over a decade old.
Are you so blind that you can't see
The love I have for you?
Are you so dumb you'll walk away
From a love that's true?
I give up, I can't fight this battle anymore.
It's time for me to pack my bags.
It's time I walk out the door.
I'll never be able to make you see
This love I have for you.
So it's best I walk away,
It's all that I can do.
I love you with every piece of me
But I can't make you stop.
Your clinging to a memory, it's simply time I walk.

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