stop and rethink

When nature decides to take it's course
When the most beautiful things in life decide to happen
You just have to be happy
Even when it's hard to be so
When you feel like you want to just jump,
and end it all,
You see things like little babies being born
And chirping birds singing their morning songs
It makes you realize how great life can be
No matter how hard you have it
Even when you think you got it bad
Someone's always got it worse
If you could define the word bad or worse
Would you describe your life,
Or someone else's?
And when you finally see that things are bad all over
Will you rethink your descriptions,
On your life and theirs?
Or will you be so selfish as to think,
That your everything, and everyone else's is nothing
I hope that you will see and understand,
That not everything is as it seems

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