Stop and think a little: #I Know

"Stop and think a little: are you the victim of the system?" #I Know

Response: I don't know check the vowels. Did they spell your name correctly on the wanted posters saying they wanted your life? What about the letter of notice telling you about your execution date? Do they even have the heart to send one of those to a person labeled dangerous enough for them to be able to commit murder on? What about simply notifying the victim of a case going into court of the date they scheduled it to be on? We have this right as citizens labeled victims by police reports in this state, so how come my letter of notification to be able to attend court came in the mail three days late?

Check the filesystem > Find official file name >

Final comments: Warning: Texas Government officials may mistake your identity when given a name at the scene of whatever they determine 'a crime' because they can't seem to get the vowels in anybody's name the fuck right.

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