Stop and Think

Stop and think
Stop and think.
Think about what you have done, done to me
My heart is hurting from all this pain you have caused me to feel.
Self inflicted, inflicted by you,
Inflicted by others who do not care.
By those who look right past me
Who do not see me as I am
Who they see me as a girl, happy. Free.
But they do not see ME.
They see a mask a mask of deception,
Of what I know they want, of what they think they want to see.
Stop and think.
Think of how you have changed me, of what you have said
To shape the way I function and think.
Look how little I seem, I am collapsing in on myself
Being dragged under by what I thought was needed.
Stop and think.
Think of how I seem to shrink, how I seem smaller.
Do you see how I am affected?
How I am affected by your 'love' and 'advice'?
You try, I know.
You fail, I'm proof.
Stop and think. See me for me.
Accept me as I am.
Love me as I love you.
Stop and think.

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