Stop it

Stop it, we must stop it
allowing such obscenity to continue,
and rid this world of such violence
to those who blatantly commit it.

a misconception expression
of peace and love
or some other similar feeling
to forget this silly crap,
always tripping our heroes
then laughing when they fall flat
on their faces.

like a penny arcade shooting gallery
with all it’s targets stilled,
assassinations continue...
Dr. King and the Kennedy’s killed!

then they go and assassinate Sadat.
will it ever end? will we just stop?
shoot at the President, shooting at the Pope
John is then murdered and so is all hope.

they’ve taken them away, so who’s on deck?
where does this plague infiltrate next?

Stop it! we must stop it.
we must stop this epidemic disease
of abusing others right to live.

except when we do it
in the name of vengeance
to those who have murdered our heroes,
only makes us hypocrites
as we consciously kill those foes.

Then is that okay? Is that the way?
where does it stop? will it ever go away?

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Tags : Life, World, Murder, Killing, Assassination

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This Poems Story

This was written many many years back in the 1980\'s, inspired by the murder of John Lennon... from the 1960\'s to the late 1970\'s and into the 80\'s as you will read in the poem about the people i mention. Plain and simple, we must stop killing each other and questioning if it ever will.