Stop It, Please!

By Da Poet   

Seems like each time I look away,
another incident happens and is on display?
Stop it, stop it, please!
It’s not what this country needs?

So distant from the life style,
like that of the past,
when we could leave our doors open,
have a drink and sit down and relax.

Neighbors would be like parents,
not ashamed to put you in your place,
and if your biologicals didn’t beat you,
you had best run away.

Law enforcement, the police,
the men and women in blue,
protected our way of life, yes, even us too?

But, stop it, stop it, please,
put this mess on freeze.
These useless beatings, shootings, killings,
just keeps me on my knees.

Can’t they all see,
that this has gone much to far?
It’s no longer safe out in the streets,
so close to after dark.

So I’ll lock myself within my house,
throw away the key and never come out.
It will seem like prison around this place,
and I'll give notice to retire from the human race.

Stop it, stop it, please!


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