stop speeding.

By Bella   

i’m at a crossroads
one sign reads moving on
the other reads the last bit of hope
i guess you were half way down the first path driving a 80 in a zoned 45
straight to the next persons heart
leaving me in metaphorical dust
you gave me many things, reasons to move on, you being one of them.
but refused to give me the reasons for my removal
i suppose that’s what love is
but whose to say you can still grasp another in the arms of your new lover
reading through the eulogy for separation
drafting every limp excuse to make up for the lack of rhapsody
dreaming upon a supernova is the equivalent of holding you in my nature
i recollect the old playful times asking why we couldn’t have highlighted those in gold
cause now it’s got a fog-gray cast to it with its under eyes all cold
goosebumps rise like hot air balloons
my head perks up when i hear your name
i still haven’t got a clue on why things couldn’t have remained
they tell me he isn’t worthy of my glory
but what if he believes that so called glory sleeps inside her.
she being his world and multiverse wrapped with a bow.
i start to wonder how little does he know
late at night my daily intake of sodium begins
as the drops of my own wrongdoings coat my red lips. staining them with your name and the memories that remain
i try to come off as a strong masquerade oozing with confidence
at least his act isn’t a mask like mine but rather an innuendo coaxed with her dissidence
i still haven’t got a clue as to why you got up so abruptly just to leave again plus you took the superglue that i used last time to fix that chair when you kept breaking its legs time and time again
you are happier now was i what caused you pain?
am i the cause of the defects hidden in your brain?
i wish to scream to you and only you
“i still love you and one day i want for you to love me too”

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wowza this is a long one. that’s what she said