Stopped By A Promise

Silver ribbons dangle
Down from the Heavens
As the light I see
Shining through the darkness.
The Moonlight saunters
Up and over Earth’s rough edges
In this dark World I name
Quite beautiful. While
Cotton balls of clouds gather
On the edges of light with help
From the thickness of the night’s moisture,
I sit and watch in shock
When the starlight always returns.
The one doing the calling
Controls the Moon and stars,
So shall I take the walk
Or choose to turn back
Because fate has little choice
In the face of a true calling.
When the sky
Is pouring out shining
Little silver ribbons
In infinite space
Like tiny pathways
To every possibility,
Grab a star
Pull down a story
The dark sky keeps saying
Reach beyond the limits
Keeps beaming broadly across the sky
In the quick whipping by of a shooting star’s whispers.

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