There once was a girl
For once she got home
She held the world
With the stories she told
She told her mother
Of the roses
The smell of flowers
How they bloom from a goddess
She told her sister
Of a witch
One who lured children
With her evil tricks
She told her father
Of a cloud
It once cired
Now it’s dry and proud
She told her grandma
Of a scarf
Filled with shimmer and color
It was never dark
She told her grandpa
Of a lake
One with a small boat
Filled with bait
Now there are stories
In her mind
Of secrets and tales
She’d like to hide
These mysterious things
She told no one
Of the stories in her heart
That kept her sad for so long
Stories of smiles
Stories of tears
Ones with no ending
Ones that only show fear
These stories are scared
And shall never be heard
For this is the tale
A sweet girl
So if you ever meet her
Here is what you should do
You watch her and listen
I wonder what story she’ll tell you

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