Stories to Tell…

If I'm just a story to you , we can end this chapter here.
This story was superb & surreal .
Are you ready for the big reveal ?
Here's your ending :
She moved on & not once did she give into the temptation.
She moved on & her heart was ready for decontamination.
She cleansed her heart from the toxin that was you.
She did it, though it was long overdue.

Wanna know how it looked from his point of view ?
He was afraid he would never have that story to tell,
His book needed this chapter, so he couldn't afford to fail.
He realized she was much more than just a story,
but he realized too little too late.
In doing so, he doomed himself to a far worse fate.
He rid himself of a diamond while chasing a rhinestone.
Him realizing his mistake was the book's very first milestone.
He's been writing on the pages of a burning book.
So forget about finishing this chapter,
she burned the entire book.

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