Mysterious girl, ashen face, made only of rage and agony
Blasting through the white wall of his winter.
A screaming wolverine girl,
Caught in his cruel hunter's trap.
She would chew off her own foot; she might have to.
Her tight fist slams the seat next to her
To feel the paralyzing shock move up her helpless arm.
She wants The Anything Else through The Nothing Else
Each snowflake a sharpened blade ripping at her innocent skin
Her lungs thick with the obsidian air.
She wants to, has to-disappear
She must get out now
But her feet are lead blocks.
She's drowning instead.
Onyx arms drag her to sleep and murky dreams
A depth of headlights
And the sickening crunch-thud of glass
And white bone
And the image of his boots tossed aside in the red snow.

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