Storm and Strife

O! but my soul has lingered too long!
And now it lies here broken as
Choleric clouds fight overhead,
Their fury frothing like a rabid sea.
Distressed, I cry for love again
As torrents of the lonesome rain
Engulf the figure of a poor and broken me.
But I am only answerèd
With rosebud words that Death has spoken as
He orchestrates my siren's song.

Why does the sky keep falling like this?
My burdened mind is torn asunder
By the plangent dirgeful knell,
The thund'ring heartbeat in the skies.
Enduring loneliness costs so much more
Than shattered bliss among a storm.
So I at last do open up mine eyes
To see the the cursèd flames of Hell,
And hear the rapid booming thunder:
Death's first gleeful welcome kiss.

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