Storm Before the Calm

As the rain starts to come down
All the children begin to drown
Keeping up with this storm seems imaginary
If we continue to push, we may end up with an obituary
Things tonight might not appear bright
As long as we are persistent with hope, we will get to the light
The children keep going along: some fall more than others
It becomes hard when you can't even rely on your brothers
They will leave cuts and scars
As for me, even with these wounds I'll get far
The wounds may never fully heal
But this is what makes everything feel so real
I am as stuck as a rooted tree
Hopefully one day I'll be free
Lighting strikes through me with power
Ideas hit me, I'm about to escape from this tower
Pushing for what's right, going for the light
I won't ever stop trying, I will continue to fight
Always trying my best
No matter what, I'll pass this test
The rain starts to fade, and the calm settles in
I start to realize that this is where the story begins
Feeling all of these things almost made me go insane
I hope to never feel this way again
I'm finally one with who I am

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