Storm Survivor

The clouds of confusion
Numb the traumatised blue skies.
They struggle with memories of summers gone by
Before the storm came and washed all trace of peace away.
The hopeful birds test their wings,
But they retreat to the trees as
It's too dark, too gloomy.
Even the aeroplanes won't venture up there.
They can't withstand the anxious turbulence.

All knowing Zeus watches from his peaks of wisdom.
His heart is touched.
Only he has the key to the heavens
Only he knows how to calm the storm
Gently, gently,
He whispers to the skies,
Ordering the clouds to part,
Caressing the skies into blissful stillness.
Already, the Sun is starting to smile again,
Already the skies start their return to summer.

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This Poems Story

As a domestic abuse and rape survivor, I wrote this at a moment of intense emotion, using the weather to describe the storm raging inside; a whirlwind of emotions, feelings and thoughts. Zeus is a representation of my current partner, who I met after I escaped from the previous relationship, and who has been my saviour in terms of my healing process. A personal, and sentimental, expression of my experiences daily.