Storm’s Darkened Reflections

My brain is weighted down by opaque rainclouds,
in which intrusively drowns my wellbeing;
the piercing frigidness chills my bones to their numbing point,
leaving me anxious the storm shall never abandon my presence.

I expose myself to the nearest rebounding mirror;
contemplating all the external damage I had created,
along with visualizing the invidious monster I had became within.

I surmise my past joyous nature to recklessly plunge out of my flesh;
an instantly toxic psychopathic depression rushes through my veins,
remembering that spirit is now decreased.

I inch closer fronting my simulated reflection:
stinging venomous eyes,
quivering bitter lips,
collapsing shattering soul.
I fulfill the deed to shatter myself;
farewell mirror,
enjoy the flood.

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