Storms of Life


A heavy rainstorm is brewing and coming "too fast!"
The beautiful blue sky is turninga deep black.
Strong winds blow broken branches and leaves past.
Bright lightning flashes as deep thunder cracks.

Nature shows her fury as she "unleashes" the storm.
Flash! Boom! Crack! Her "amazing fireworks" have begun.
Rain comes down in "sheets" as flooding starts to form.
During this storm, there will not be any bright sun.

Seems like the rain just stays for days and days.
Twenty four seven the rain is coming down,.
We have "no choice" but to "shelter in place."
But! The thunder and lightning stop making sounds.

"Storms of life" always come to us as well.
Flash! Boom! Crack! We pray to God for his help.
Will these storms ever pass? How can we tell?
Or will the storms "overtake us" and prevail?

Strange how we only turn to God in our time of need.
Only when "storms of life come" do Him we seek.
But! The key is this as you stop and think.
God is our "shelter in place" as life's storms we meet.

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