Stormy Days

Some may see gloom and despair outside,
Others may be wishing the sky would be dried.
That is not what I see when the clouds are dark grey,
I'll tell you what I feel, on a stormy day.
Sometimes humans become so upset, they weep.
Whether it be from sadness, stress, maybe even deceit.
This is not a bad thing, although you may hear,
Crying is a sign of weakness , society makes you fear.
Rather, these are emotions you can't explain or even think,
Compounded into one tear, that rolls off your cheek after you blink.
After these emotions though, you feel surprisingly relieved,
The problems, sadness, or stress don't seem as big as they
were once perceived.
Now, while the thunder is roaring and while the sky is crying,
And when the lightning may seem morbidly electrifying,
Think of how well the earth will be after this storm has finished.
The sun is out and every plant has been watered and even replenished.
When people cry it is sometimes the only way they can make their
emotions convey,
But even more so, this is what nature does, on a stormy day.

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