Stormy Sea

In the middle of the sea
Such a small, small boat
Where am I? I'm losing hope
Black waves are crashing here and there
Boats are sinking everywhere
I look up and see darkness and next thing I know
I'm out of air, under water, no way up
Oh please, help me now for my time will soon be up
The water has fully consumed me
Erasing all memory of my existence
I've left no mark behind, I meant nothing
My mind is empty, no thought will ever fill it again
My body is free, but my soul will never be
Forever it will lie in the middle of nowhere
To find me would mean to join me
At the bottom of this pit
Breathing nothing, for this is it
The world is gone, existing without me
My mind has become free, but my spirit will never be
For it is trapped between waves, being tossed and turned
Getting bruised, but never broken.
I am lost, and always will be
Forever in this sea
For it is dark and stormy
No one will think of me, for I am nothing
And gone into the sea.

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This Poems Story

I wrote the first part of my poem when I was twelve years old; shortly after developing mental health issues. As time passed, I continued to suffer from mental illness and found myself in a very dark place. I wrote the rest of my poem at age sixteen which was the worst time of my life. I felt scared, alone and had lost all hope. Now, a year later, I'm glad to share that I have finally found my sunny sky.