I have a story to tell,
Come sit around,
Open up your ears,
But don't make a sound,
If you have any questions,
Simply raise your hand,
So lets begin our story,
In a far away land.
There once was a castle,
As tall as the sky,
And the width was about,
8 trillion buses wide,
And a powerful king,
Who lived inside,
Had a pet dragon,
Who was named Clyde.
Clyde the dragon,
Could breath flames of fire,
But when our powerful king,
Signed him up for choir,
Clyde the dragon,
Opened his mouth to sing a song,
But then something went terribly wrong,
"Oh no!" shouted our mighty king,
Clyde the dragon,
Could not sing,
Instead he breathed out flames of fire,
So that was that,
He quit choir.

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