Story of a Girl

I know a story of a 20-year-old girl, who got caught up with a boy.
And made him the king of her world.In the beginning, he seemed sweet.
Like his charm grew from a tree, because that's all he needed
to sweep her off her feet.
Little did she know, that she would get beat, like a piece of meat,
in the bedroom and in the streets.

No place in any timeline could she ever find her peace.
She subjected to her master who now holds the leash.
She submitted to the beatings solidifying her defeat.
Objectified to physical abuse, cause her self-worth was of
little use.
She degraded herself to the lesser and put herself beneath
the man that made her mute.
She might as well be blind, cause she's hard of seeing the truth.
How many hits did it take, how many fractures did he make?
And how many black and blues will he create,
before you finally break?

Neither man nor woman can define the substances in you.
We've all been fighting for freedom, so who are
they to steal that from you.

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