Story of a Leo.

Let me be free like the lioness I am. Let me run wild for days on end. Let me love to my very core. Let me dance like I've never danced before. Let me go, because I sometimes need to be on my own. Let me come back, because I will always want you as a part of my pack. Let me lay down, and why don't you lay with me. Let's talk about life, the universe and the infinite possibilities. Let's love so hard that we become apart of the stars. Let's let our love be a mystery that eventually becomes a part of history. But for now, let me be me. Let it be. Let's have this love rest for now. Because my walls are broken and this lioness need to calm down. I've cried to many tears, and tears that should not be wept. Let me be please, for I am tired of this mess.. Let me be at peace with the loves I haven't met yet. It's out of my control now love, it's out of my hands. I can't help but miss what we had, although I will never understand, what I know is that I will never have regret. Feel what you want to feel, but please stop taking love that doesn't belong to you.

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