Story of Mine

I'm really not sad,

It's this madness inside;

The lies i've never understood till now,

All piling up on the unswept ground.

It's still raining so hard outside.


It's the pain of understanding, that everyone has fallen down-

It's the way of seeing, The kindest always get shot down.

Theres this equation, a measurement of sorts-

That's telling me i'm worthless, bold type and clear as day,

They say it's about believing-believing what, that's ours to choose.


Sometimes all I dream of is leaving,

Leaving somewhere to go nowhere at all-

It's the path less traveled for a reason,

Its too easy to forget who you are;

A fugitive of your own personality,

living on the streets of your home town.


We'll research all history,

Thinking it's only a thing of the past-

Noting down all our achievements,

Placing them away alphabetized,

All the file cabinets won't fix,

The small kinks in our thinking-

Then we'll wander the streets,

And rethink our own paths,

Forget what they tell us-

We'll still just get lost and laugh.

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