Story Of My Life

Staring at the blank page that has become my life,
wondering where this seemingly meaningless road will lead.
Feeling empty and filled with false promises
my soul has been forced to secede.

Every move that I make seems one of pointless effort,
every breath I take seems one that is lacking life.
Discouragement surrounds me, all relationships that
others deem normal from my perspective
are over flowing with strife.

I open my eyes and I no longer visualize
what everyone else is able to see,
pain, misery and endless tears flood
the four walls that closing in on me.

Lacking determination to continue this journey
but forced to find my way, coming to the
realization that my being is not the only one at stake

Fighting my way through the nights
I spend lying awake. Terrified that living life alone
will be my unavoidable fate.

Searching for purpose in a world that seems so unfair
knowing that the only way to survive is grasping
on to a hope and a prayer Questioning myself and
the strength that I have left lost all defenses
with each tear that I have wept.

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