Story Of My Life

This is how I lived, writing these thoughts on a piece of paper,
hopefully, you will listen to these lyrics before I say them later,
coming from the bottom, constantly learning life like its hard labor,
tired of doing favors for unappreciating haters.
Thought about joining the dark, hate is to much of a burden to bare,
so I chose love wanting to help everyone,
As if spring is in the air, revenge was all about I really cared.
Yes im a thinker, methodic in my motives,
scheming to the point where I didn't have any choices.
Relax, im not going back to that now,
all im saying is get back get back, stand down.
Their's a game called circle and I don't know how,
I've climbed up the latter way too high to back down,
I thought I had a blueprint for everything that's mapped out,
i guess i didn't, but this black cloud still follows me around,
but it's time to exorcise these demons and bury them into the ground.

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