Story to the Wise

Now, where to begin, where to begin? This is the story to the wise now let these words sink in. Will it be praised, or treated as a sin? It's just a bunch of emotions untold forming from within. Haha I laugh because my rhyme scheme sucks you in. What's a better way to keep you listening? It's kind of interesting that the story didn't even begin, but I'm giving this an old school vibe; you're six lines in. You see, we have these minds with no capacity. We are moving so fast that the Flash can't stand to be next to them. These cameras trying to clone us, showing different versions of us, or someone who represented our old way. This is our testimony to testify, because we were put on this earth to be more than the average types. So all in favor for our new day say I, because we're setting world records while we're forcing our way to the finish. Let me hear y'all recite that line, be sure to throw quote symbols to the sky. Let me finish though and return to our stand up types who are building empires from the ground up, walking through the eyes of fire, that hell on earth. Who would have guessed that our tongues would be the cure to a curse? I'm reciting this poem like it's a freestyle--wish I could have said this unrehearsed.

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