You are loved.
I'll prove it to you with these words.
The Universe wants to hear your story.
Otherwise, your voice will be left a mystery.
It doesn't matter where you are in life.
Stories have been spreading since the Earth's memory of ancient lands.
If your look in the modern mirror is one that's tough,
Remember your reflection is one with complex thought.
You are my Sunshine.
Hear the Universe singing.
We're all in this together,
And your story could warm up someone's bitter winter!
Your soul is worth more than diamonds,
So don't let such a valuable things inside you start decaying!
You are loved.
Let your soul grow.
Preserve this life like a cucumber turns into a sour pickle.
Be an individual, for the Universe welcomes such people!
Go through changes to leave the crowd.
Go find your timeless ring of power.
If you stick to being brave and trying to learn,
You'll come out on the other side fearless.
You are loved.
Please don't forget.
The Sun shines high for you today.
I'm blessing you with all my thoughts.
Let today be the day you start over.
Let today be the day you see the good omens.
You are loved.
The Universe told me so in a dream.
I won't forget if you won't either.
Let's write words until we spread this message everywhere.

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