On the windows cool air forms frost.
In the fog I feel cold and lost.

Through the forest the trees dance.
Freedom I will have the chance.

To escape from this captivity.
Independence I can feel & see.

Walking bare foot without a path.
I will not suffer the wrath.

Goosebumps cover my flesh.
With no warmth to caress.

Wandering directionless in the woods.
Eatting whatever I could.

Nothing to wear, eat, or drink.
To dehydrated to speak or think.

No human contact here.
I didn't even see a deer.

Staggering & stumbling.
Mumbling swears with my belly grumbling.

An endless abyss.
Hopeless in granting my wish.

No one can find me.
My radar is not to be.

Barely surviving.
Existing but not thriving.

Mindless panic sets in.
Fear of death will win.

No help will come.
A fate you can't out run.

Solitude forming delusions.
A spirit's pollution.
Brainstorm a solution.

The sun shines on the trail.
To follow or fail.

Wanting to connect.
Rejecting the neglect.

This suffer you can not forget.
To be saved will I ever get.

© Harmony Sapphire.All rights reserved

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