Strange adventure to the contours of the mind

Meandering rivers of untold tales,
Magic, mystery, beauty, not unveiled.
Unending darkness of the universe combined,
Truth, love, virtue undefined.
Delicate chains of witty pipes,
Join each other to define you and I.
Close your eyes, visualise, see,
Feel the majestic mind indeed.
Complex conflict of wrong and right
Makes, one person or many alike.
vague, simple, edgy, dark,
Does it answer all questions asked?
Queen, dragon, unicorn, fairy,
Queer, strange, deep, uncanny.
What’s real, what’s fantasy?
I control my mind, just me.
It gets sick, injured, quiet and ill
Fear being the great peril.
Look, it’s a hole, an abyss, a trap,
Pull the reigns, I know I can,
There, fear sees its end.

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