Strange Butterflies

By K   

Strange Butterflies

Strange blurred words come my way
Displaying a sense of comfort so I may stay
In this vast space of light

This strange light wraps me tight with warmth
And to think I’m cold is a sin

I do not see this light
Instead this strange aurora surrounds me
Like the shell of a turtle
Protecting my misguided tangled thoughts
Wrapped around my mind like vines
That swing low in the distance

I climb these vines thinking of those past vibes
Only to see your face

Strange how this light surrounds you too

Turning butterflies into small feelings for you
Smashed inside me like organs
My emotions grow weary for you
I can now feel the strange cold you talk about
Cause when I leave you everyday my mind brings back
Those strange vibes
I am no longer warm unless you’re there

And I swear sometimes I stare at
Your gold hair and what you wear
Only to care for what I can’t keep
And it’s strange how I softly grip my pen and I think
Maybe we can have a moment where we both

Float in that vast space of light that we feel
This strange aurora can surround us both
I can be your shell to protect you
And if those strange sorrows come
Just know I feel them too.

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This Poems Story

Just a poem about liking someone and not being able to have the guts to tell them how you actually feel