Strange Unknown Game

I had a dream last night, the strangest dream I’ve ever had
About an alien species that appeared not good, nor bad
They were vastly underdeveloped, intellect quite low
Every one of them played the same game, not one said no
None knew the game they played, not what, not how, not why
Yet they all just kept playing every moment that passed by
Each learned from those around them that had played before
But none had any clue the rules or how to even keep score
In fact, it was well known that the game had never been won
At the same time, playing it meant everything to everyone
I began to wonder if they knew what existed outside the game
And if so, would it be worth an early loss next to their name
Before I woke, I asked one to come with me, to see what I see
He said “I’m happy here on Earth, and this game of life works for me”

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