Stranger of the Night

Flashbacks in my head are common
Just a simple reminder of what I deal with
Constantly treated like garbage and some more shit
This room is hell and this bed is the heart of it
When he get's near I break out with goosebumps on my skin
Saying over and over lord forgive me for I have sinned
My breathing is shallow I can't get no air
Another one is coming this is so unfair
I hear the doorknob turn and I jump
I don't make eye contact for I know why he's come
The scent of Irish Spring in the air so thick
To this day I hate that smell I get so sick
I hear the buckle on his pants and I close my eyes real tight
I learned long ago stay still and don't fight
I let my mind remove from my body and go to my happy place
If I do this I don't have long to wait
In my mind I say it's over but I know better
I trick myself into thinking it's mind over matter
He jumped up so quick he gave me a fright
He goes and I lay here waiting for the next stranger of the night

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