We are strangers, yet you are mine
As I am yours, in memory of mind,
And as we converse your eyes are full
Of an image of me once beautiful.
In due time your reflections will cease
To stray to images and memories of me,
Yet I am yours in a way undefined -
Only in the way a cloud floats in the sky
And a footprint breaks ground on the beach's shore:
In the way we interact and disappear once more.
I am yours in the way a wick is lit
And extinguished in a breath between cautious lips
And in the way the sun now shines on me
As I mar this parchment with longings and dreams.
My hands will crease and cramp with age
And my eyes will dull as youth slowly fades
And becomes replaced by experience's hand
As it guides and shapes all thoughts, dreams, and plans.
Yet in your eyes, deep in subconscious mind,
You see me as I was, once upon a forgotten time;
And so we all exist, youth immortal
Forever confused and childishly hopeful.
We are to each other as the wind is to seed,
Scattering new ideas and hope among the weeds.
And so you are mine as I am yours
As we casually converse as strangers.

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