Strangers it is.
I hope when your lips grace another you can forget my taste.
I hope as you clasp another’s hand you can forget how mine brought comfort like sun on your shoulder, soft but daring.
When you touch another’s skin, I hope you can forget the way the crisp cracks in your fingertips ran across my collarbone.
When you pick up the phone to make a call, I hope your mind goes blank, forget the numbers into oblivion.
I hope when you hear another deep belly laugh, you can forget the giggles that came from my lips that were at your despair.
I hope when you close your eyes and your dreams consist of another, you can release me from your mind.
Rid me of the blankness, give my heart time to repair.
I hope when you look at someone else and tell them you love them, that you can forget the woman that is still held captive in your heart.
I hope when you run towards someone else, you can forget the women you left behind, the one you always left from the start.
But most importantly I hope you know that this was your decision and not mine.
Stranger it is, even when my heart aches at the thought.
How can I forget our peaceful love, that was never stolen, never bought.
You ask me to blank you from my memory, write you in history.
And because I love you with all of my capacity I’ll rid you of this danger.
From yours truly, my beautiful stranger.

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