the only tether we share is my irrational fear that you are my only chance,
I would do anything for you,
I would give you the world,
not by choice,
it’s the little girl in me,
begging people to love her,
but it started with you,
And I never got relief,
my stranger,
there are moments where I see the possibility of the false reality I created,
deep down you believe our relationship lacks nothing,
that nothing is love,
you are the oblivious one,
I know we are strangers,
I spent 15 years of my life praying for the latter,
but i’m the fool,
The fool who thought,
maybe if I paid for you,
maybe if I made you coffee,
maybe if I lived my life centered around your needs,
you would give me the chance I craved,
but i’m done trying because in the end,
I was left out in the cold,
and you smiled,
because you are the oblivious one,
in another life we may not be as blind to how similar we truly are,
but we are strangers,
forever and always,
and it’s ok,
because no matter what,
through it all,
I knew,
you were never going to pick me.
-your little sister

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