Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde

Your hair is Strawberry Blonde.

Bring the fields of sweetness to my heart and let the light shine on those eyes that enable the ocean to rest and be at peace.

Your presence creates a wave of blistering butterflies that fly through the depths of my essence.

A voice so strong and enchanting, it could bring all storms of chaos and destruction to a heavenly harmony.

Lips so soft and chapped at always reminds the world of a rare unspoken perfection that we didn’t know existed until the light would shine again when you smile. need some chapstick?

Grant those lips gloss and peak the way you toss the many hearts that fight to win the treasure of your affection.

Let the seeds of growth blossom upon us as the fruit of eternity shall guide my love to you and make you feel more alive than ever possible.

My thoughts of you are never ending, it’s like a song i want to stay on repeat that i will never get tired of.

You are Strawberry Blonde, a dream turned into reality, a kind hearted and intelligent woman whom i wish for an extraordinary bond.

Feel it in your bones, our destiny is meant to be, Hannah Sones

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