Strawberry Moon

What does moonlight smell like?
Oh, and Do you find the darkness more likable?
The Moonlight changes colors as the Sun moves
The daylight in which the darkness removes
Sometimes celestial objects will tell us what to do
Tell us when roses are full and fruit is due
Listen to them closely and see the Universe talking with you
Make friends with the Moon in your haunted bayou
It’s my only advice, but you don’t have to listen
The Universe will tell you when your opportunities will rechristen
What does sunshine taste like?
Oh, and Do you find the brightness more likable?
The Sunlight changes in colors as the Moon moves
The nighttime in which the brightness removes
Celestial objects working as two
Look up to them when you’re wondering whereto
You’re always worthy the Moon says about your value
You have good thoughts remember that, the Sun says for your virtue
She looked up and there was a Strawberry Moon
The Sun making love to the night like it was their honeymoon
Celestial objects working as two
The Moon dancing ballet with a Sunlight tutu

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