Street Lights

We travel by those lights each day
Crossing each street without delay
Remembering a time when it used to be
Always laughing in a world so free
But here we are in another strange place
Where you know everyone yet not their names
With skylines passing by before you can blink
Then your own shadow disappears from behind your feet
So how many times will we
Be so scared by following the roads that leave
And then walk down this endless street
Where the lights blackout by the sound of your feet
Away from the places we both know
When you left me standing with my compass rose
Seems like someone turned off the lights
And the dial races past the darkness blind
But I know the numbers painted on each sign
Must add up the miles between street lights
That you know make these road signs reappear
To reassure you that with every turn I'm here
And though there's a bridge to take you there
One less burnt bridge is a lifetime spared
Because the world has changed before our eyes
By the approaching curve we can't deny

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This Poems Story

People tend to forget who each other are by simply nothing more than how quick their hearts beat. Likewise, the same thing appears to not only correspond with poetry and music, but one's daily events, along with the people they interact with through each day of their life. Henceforth, my name is Ryan Langlois and being from Timmins, Ontario, I wrote this on a twelve-hour bus ride back home about being at an inevitable point in a long-lasting relationship with my ex-girlfriend. Though I found it depressing, it represents the distance we were growing apart, as well as those feelings that I hoped would push each other forward with smiles rather than awkward moments and hostility.