Street Slum Feeling

I Feel just like Martin Luther King!
What dream!
It's crazy when so many want your dream
And so many are scare of their own dream
It's crazy when it falls within your team
It's even better when it falls off your team
What dream!
When the devil through so much toward our mind
Also towards an on a nation
Just to kill a dream
It's sad when Lucifer followers achieve their goals piece of their dreams
It's wild it's the smallest dream that's not bad to dream
What dream!
It's hard to understand knowing you can make it and complete your own dream keeps you from a dream to achieve
It's harsh to say even to site even to think
Martin Luther King Die and still seen his dream in every color
What dream!
Numbers and Letters and the wrong thought kills a dreams
What Dream!
I feel just like Martin Luther King
I'm at my dream dead or alive
Other stuff Already to the world that dreams and with the right through too Aman with pierce inside within his body
Too do it with all this heart and mind that mean it
What dream!
By: Terrence Edward Roberson

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