Street Wise

Riddle me this riddle me that,
don't react without the facts...
Allow me to make myself clear,
I see that none of you are as you apear..
In my experience I've studied you folk,
few of you stand righteous.
The rest of you, a joke.
You don't like me? Aren't we on your dime?
Well you should save your two cents cause your wasting your time.
None of you know me and none of you will.
So how could be important of how you feel.
Go to the mirror with all your advice,
while your there brush your teeth at least twice.
Speak my name correctly when you speak those lies.
Go ahead keep those shoes they aren't even my size.
You go on doing what they do,
I will do what they won't..
Be careful of who you trust
and be careful of who you don't...

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