Streets of Silence

The cities of my mind are dark.
They leave me lost and confused with their
Alleys of fear and sidewalks of doubt.
The twists and turns that it leads me down are not
Brightened by the flashlight of medication
Nor the streetlamps of momentary distraction.
The people I see walking beside me hang their heads as low as mine,
Their faces covered in shadow, their bodies silhouettes.
I cannot talk to them because when I do
My voice is stuck, lodging itself in my throat,
Suffocating me until I can’t breathe, let alone speak, and the person is long gone.
I hope, one day, I will be able to part those clouds,
To pull down the moon and raise up the sun
That one day this endless night will be over.
But until then, I will continue to walk in the dark,
To trade my internal screams for external silence,
And to hold on to that last
Of hope.

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