I need strength
To stagger through the dread
To drive away, all that negative sway
That’s drilling through my head
I need strength
To pick my ass up off the ground
To pay no mind, to that eerie chime
Of that long black car baring down

To handle the onslaught of imagery
That rochambeau’s my soul
To hack through all of this misery
Before the last nerve corrodes

I need strength
To scale these mountains of grief
To not get floored, when I draw the sword
Against time’s master thief
I need strength
To bring the palace to collapse
To have grit in the midst, of your kiss
While the last binding tie snaps

To look into the eyes of famine
Stand at the threshold of suffering
To remain stoic as I examine
The dark sides of everything

I need Strength
To beat back, unrequited love
Not let self-pity drive, sadness thrive
When Understanding the loneliness they speak of
I need Strength
To battle colossal beasts of doubt
In war with strife, I want the meaning of life
My motivations need figured out

To abide through the scorn
To stomach all this treachery
To ride out the violent storm
Not let it all get the best of me
I need Strength

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