Strength in a Cry

A baby is hungry
Her cry is so fierce
She knows what she wants
And her whaling does pierce
Her mother comes running
To the crying she heeds
With her strong voice
She tells mother of her needs
A child is running
And falls on her knee
She cries for her mother
She needs mom to see
Her mother says, “Hush now
You need to silence these cries
Be strong, you’re a big girl”
So “I’m fine,” the girl lies
A teenager is bullied
Through all of high school
She’s trying to fit in
She wants to be cool
She says not a word
And stuffs it all in
She thinks that she’s tough
But her heart isn’t made of tin
A grown woman feels sadness
And wallows in pain
She’s been silenced for years
And knows she hasn’t much to gain
She reaches out for help
And let’s herself cry
She wants the strength of a baby
All she has to do is try

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