Strength in This Desert

I may look like i'm breathing,
But this heart is barely beating,
And i don't know where i'm going anymore.

I'm like a lost heart in this desert,
Suffocating in this pain,
And i walk the helpless miles, just to find a drop of rain.

I feel the winds around me,
Like a hurricane surrounds me,
Lord the sand wont stop blowing and i'm so completely lost.

Then your sunshine warms my heart,
And it points me to the start,
Of where to find your arms in this never ending storm.

I see you through the wind,
Oh, your face is like a light,
In this never ending darkness, in this never ending fight.

Then my Father see's i'm tired,
Cause i'm running to his arms,
He calms the storm and gives me strength, again and again.

Now i'm finding my direction,
Though i'm far from perfection,
But at least I know His arms are holding me.

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