Strength is power

You may try to put me down with crude, discouraging words,
You may want to hurt me
But still, like a lion, I'll find strength.
Does my personality get you jealous?
Why are you picking on me?
Cause I've got confidence, bringing the life to every party
Just like dogs and birds, with the happiness they bring
Just like sunlight on a dark day, still I’ll be strong.
Did it please you to see me hurting?
Feeling like the whole world collapsed?
Shoulders falling like rain,words weakening my soul
Does my pride offend you
Don't you judge yourself based on me
Cause I got it all like I won the lottery, all in me.
You may try to bring me down,
You may give me dirty looks,
You may try to fill me with hate,
But still, like a storm, I’ll find strength
Does my looks make you envy me?
Does it upset you that I am like a magnet attracting the good in people?
Out of all this pain you caused me, I am strong
Up from all the hate, I am strong
Leave behind all the pain you've caused,I am strong
Into a new life filled with happiness, I am strong
Bringing everyone to peace, I am strong

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