Strength with words

By Sirena   

A new way to communicate
Makes me concentrate
Stay up late and meditate
This is how I sedate and medicate
Listen...then translate
Do what I do, then demonstrate
No point to procrastinate
Nothing comes when you hesitate
Looking at my inner state
Starting a whole new slate
Done with the hate
focused on my own full plate
Say how it is but I never over exaggerate
I wonder how many people can relate
Thoes who have felt this atomic weight
It's an interesting trait
Something in me no one can break
Feelings no one can take
Infectious like a bite from a snake
A real that I cannot fake
Iv learnt from this mistake
Out of the clouds and fully awake
Instant stop with my emergency brake
Theres no more time to ache
Soaking up knowledge like I'm a sponge cake
Time for me to designate
Life is not a movie, there ain't no retake
all the hurt I will regurgitate,
obliterate and incinerate
So sit back and watch me create and rejuvenate

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This Poems Story

This poem is simply about moving forward in life and using the hard times as strengh to do so