Stressed Heart

The stress of this heartbeats ceases me,
crippling me breaking me down into a place where I can't even speak.

Chok'in, hold'in,
tryna to bring out the worse that rest in holes of me.

The stress of this heartbeat
changes me into the monster I never thought I could be.

Chop'in, cut'in, gut'in out all the peace in me.

The stress of this heartbeat scares me sometimes, and
I can't tell if it's tryna beat or if it's just get'in ready to die.

Jump'in, skip'in, roll'in over my soul,
still my soul tryna convince me that heaven is my goal.

Ahh!!! But how can I scream?

Tears are forming, but how can I cry?

I lay here on floor begging my heart to try.
But, then again, why?

The stress of this heartbeat, but what can I do it's mine.

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