Whoever said senior year is the easiest year
Did not go to governor's school
They did not have to balance 7 courses
Within one semester
They did not have to apply for colleges
Or scholarships
They must not have been involved in any clubs at school
Or play any sports
Or have a job
Or have any friends
Because I can say from experience
It is beyond hard to juggle these tasks
The second I catch my breath
Something new is thrown my way
A project, a huge test
And now exams are coming
Can I blame all the work I have
On my procrastination
Or the stress I put on myself
To get all of it done in time
Because I simply chose to live a successful life
Once I realized all of the benefits
Though I spend all my time stressed
I would not want it any other way
A part of me likes having so much to do
And being able to know how great it will be
When all my hard work has paid off
And I walk across that stage
Who cares if I haven't slept in days
I will have plenty of time to sleep when I'm dead

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