Striped shirt

The girl in the striped shirt in the back of the class,
Books fall out of her hands and everyone laughs.

In he corner of the lunchroom is where she sits,
Just thinking of all of the things she could commit.

Pushes and shoved walking through the corador,
She thinks and she thinks of something more.

As she walks home,
Sad and alone,
Her striped shirt assures her,
Dad will be home.

She gets home and her sis is sitting on the couch,
Making fun of her shirt cuz it's inside out.

Her mom comes in from the kitchen with a glass,
Not a surprise,
I knew it wouldn't last.

In an hour or two her sis has gone to bed,
and millions of thugs rush through her head.

Finally dad comes home 'bout eleven 'o clock.

I won't leave you he says,
But end of the day,
And there the little striped shirt lay.

She prays to God to find a little peace,
But the loud sharp noises make it hard for her to sleep.

As she stares at the ceiling, grey,
She sees her life start to fade.

Her striped shirt has been torn apart,
The same to her weak, sad, heart

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