Striving for Greatness

I see the beam ahead
So I have to use my head
To try to make it to the top
Through the glass and the rocks
Away from the glocks
Away from the cops
And the racists
And that's the same thing
This world will never change
But yet I exchange
To try to get that royal cane
Deaf when they say it's lame
Staying in my lane
This is why I was really made
To struggle when there is rain
Hurt but never shamed
At the bottom will I remain?
Stastically where I am named
At this current day in age
Death spreading like a plague
Through my people
And it's like an everlasting sequel
It's Lethal
Cuz' even that young boy got a Weapon 2
And even he'll kill for a piece of food
But I can bring sobriety to society
And a little extra just to end all of these rivalries

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